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„J.Dilla: Still Shining“ (Documentary)

Created in 2006, this remembrance piece is created as a tribute to the memory and legacy of James „J.Dilla“ Yancey. This is a piece designed for his fans and supporters who knew of his accomplishments before February 2006 and those that have grown to appreciate his genius. Here, we gain a greater insight and understanding about our musical icon.

Directed by: Brian „B.Kyle“ Atkins / Gifted Films Inc

J.Dilla is Still Shining.


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2Pac – MTV Merry Christmas Interview

In August 1992, Tupac recorded a song for „A Very Special Christmas Vol.2,“ an album benefiting the Special Olympics.

During the recording session, Tupac sat for his first MTV Interview as a solo artist.

When Tupac got into legal trouble later that year, his song was droped from the christmas album, and the interview never aried.

Merry Christmas to all the listeners.

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UNLIKE U – trainwriting in berlin


UNLIKE U stellt nun den komlpetten Film Online.

Wir wollen euch dieses Highlight nicht vorenthalten und posten den Film nun als „Special“ in unseren Dokumentationen. Angucken könnt ihr euch ihn auf Vimeo.

Hier ist der Link dazu.

Ein auszug, zum Statement, auf der UNLIKEU Seite dazu:

„Ab jetzt stellen wir Euch hier die komplette Version von UNLIKE U zur Verfügung. Da wir sehr viel Zeit, Arbeit und Herzblut in diesen Film investiert haben, ist es uns ein Anliegen, dass auch jeder ihn sehen kann.
Sicherlich hat der eine oder andere mitbekommen, dass wir als Macher und Produzenten gerade juristisch um die weitere Verbreitung von UNLIKE U kämpfen müssen.“

UNLIKE U – trainwriting in berlin

„UNLIKE U melts into a scene, which for outsiders, is hard to comprehend. The world of trainwriters, those spray paint artists who specialize in painting trams and underground trains. Extremely undercover. Extremely criminal. Extremely forbidden.

UNLIKE U portrais four generations of sprayers in Berlin, of which the oldest of the hardcore artists is already over 40 years old, while the youngest are around 17. All protagonists have one thing in common. Each one has sprayed countless trains in their lives, some of them even over a 1000.“

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